About us

With our team of Brazilian Curiosa we strive for a balance between work and pleasure:

  • providing an attractive collection where price plays a role, but a higher quality plays a greater role
  • to advise and assist as much as possible in your choices
  • your searches perform as well as possible


In August 1963 Brazilian Curiosa was founded by Roy Masin sr.. After fifteen years of living in Brazil, he started this wholesale with typical Brazilian products. This explains the name of the company. After the death of Sr. (1982) Roy Masin Jr. put the matter continue and expand business. The current form of minerals, fossils and precious stones are the main items. The end of 2012 the gallery was opened: Stone gallery, an inspiring place with spectaculiere unica where individuals are welcome too.

Our rules

Wholesale Brazilian Curiosa sells exclusively to resellers. You can register with us with a valid Chamber of Commerce registration or membership of a trade association. With us, a minimum purchase of €150,-.

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