Petrified wood

The most famous forest of petrified wood is "Petrified Forest" in Arizona. Besides this very special site, there are still found some petrified wood forests in Madagascar, Java, Indonesia and Brazil.

Stock and information about petrified wood

It is very likely that trees in Arizona and Java in large quantities have become so perfectly fossilized, because of a giant meteorite impact. Because of this impact these forests under a thick layer of dust covered. Through this thick trees of oxygen were closed. This means there is going to find a reaction takes place which makes silicon-rich water slowly dripped through the xylem. The silicon bond themselves after a period of time on the oxygen from the water and formed SiO2: quartz. The quartz took the place of the wood fibers and thus change nothing to the wood. For the wood cells of tiny quartz crystals were in place..

Brazilian Curiosa has the largest collection of petrified wood from Arizona in the Netherlands. From drum stones to entire tribes and beautiful drives petrified wood as a table or wall. We have the most extraordinary pieces of petrified wood from Indonesia.

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