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Different types of tourmaline

The venues of tourmaline are: Africa, Brazil and the V.S.

Tourmaline comes in all colors of the rainbow colors and has a different name for each color:

  • White tourmaline is called 'achroiet'
  • Brown tourmaline is called 'draviet'
  • Green tourmaline is called 'verdiliet'
  • Red tourmaline is called 'rubelite'
  • Blue tourmaline is called 'indigolite'
  • Black tourmaline is called 'schorl'
  • Pink with green tourmaline is also called 'watermelon tourmaline'
  • Elbaïet is a multicolored variant of tourmaline. 

Black tourmaline (schorl) is used against electrosmog or the negative side effect of electromagnetic fields. Tourmaline has a vertical structure. We do not have a webshop but are always willing to send you more information and photos regarding your specific question.