Tumblestones and drum pendants

More than 150 species

Tumbled stones are attractive, irregularly cut stones with a beautiful color and high polish. 
It gets its name from its operation: rough pebbles are thrown into a cylindrical container together with water and grinding powder. Rotation of a little motor in the container causes the pebbles to tumble over each other so that the pebbles grind each other.

Available in many sizes

Always paying attention to quality and a correct price, we offer an extensive collection of common to very rare tumblestones. Mainly in the most requested sizes:

  • pendant size 1 to 2 cm;
  • cuddly stone size: 3 to 4 cm;
  • sometimes different sizes.
  • Many people like to browse extensively in our drawers looking for the best stones for them. We also have a drum mix of about 20 different stones mixed together in the right proportions.

Note: we use only natural stones, no colored materials.

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